Cambridge General English


Cambridge general english course focuses on developing your overall general English language and communication skills. You will enhance your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are important components of the course with content and topics varying according to your language ability. You will have personal consultations with your teacher and learn a range of study skills to ensure you continue learning long-term.
Course aims
  • Improve your English communication skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Develop your English language grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills
  • Meet students from over 60 countries and learn about other cultures
Course programme
The course programme is tailored to suit students’ varying levels of English language from elementary to advanced.
Language development
  • Study pronunciation such as individual sounds, stress and intonation.
  • Study grammar such as conditionals, reported speech and tenses.
  • Learn new vocabulary focusing on phrasal verbs, academic English and topics including shopping, the environment, the arts, science and travel.
Skills development
  • Reading for detail and general understanding from books, the internet, magazines, newspapers, leaflets and notices.
  • Writing letters, emails, reports, narratives, note taking, job applications, reviews and articles.
  • Both formal and informal styles of speaking are studied and practised in all situations including discussions, requests, information exchange, complaints, agreeing and disagreeing.
Study skills
  • Teacher will introduce you to a variety of learning resources available for future self-study.
  • You will learn how to study effectively for example, methods for remembering vocabulary and phrasal verbs.
  • Courses include tutorials with your teacher to plan your learning progress. You'll also benefit from progress tests and a written report from your main class teacher every six weeks.
  • Regular sessions in the learning centre and computer rooms will improve your independent study skills, essential for helping you continue your learning once you've completed the course.
Who should apply?
  • Students who want to develop their English skills
  • Students who want to reach the required language level to work towards an international qualification


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