Business English


Business English (formerly English for Professionals) addresses your specific English language needs within a variety of business contexts. Your business English skills are developed through a range of realistic simulations including presentations, meetings, negotiations, a variety of problem-solving tasks, and real life case studies. By combining these with Bell’s intensive English tuition you will be able to communicate effectively and proactively in the modern business environment.
Course aims
  • Improve your business English language skills
  • Develop confidence and fluency in using the language
  • Improve grammatical accuracy and expand your vocabulary
  • Improve pronunciation and intonation
  • Develop strategies for using English effectively in a variety of relevant business contexts
Course programme
Our business English teachers work with you and your fellow students to develop a course that meets the groups needs. It is a highly flexible approach, which, though negotiated content, guarantees that the course is rewarding.
Language development

You will focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation relating to topics such as:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Administration
  • Cross-Cultural business dealings
  • Production and quality control
  • Project management
  • Management
  • Advertising
Skills development

The four communication skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking - will focus on business situations such as:

  • Telephoning
  • Socialising
  • Writing reports and emails
  • Chairing and participating in meetings
  • Negotiating
  • Giving presentations
You will read for detail and for gist from professional journals, the internet and newspapers as well as understanding correspondence and reports.
You will cover areas such as writing formal and informal letters, emails and reports on a range of topics.
You will work on listening for detail and for gist in typical business situations such as meetings or on the telephone.
Both formal and informal speaking styles will be analysed and practised in business situations such as meetings, telephone calls, negotiations, information exchange, making and handling complaints, agreeing and disagreeing and giving presentations.
You will complete a pre-course questionnaire and take a placement test to help us assess your language level and needs. At the end ofthe course you will receive a report; you will have the opportunity to discuss your progress with your teacher who will also recommend future study options.

Your teacher will conduct regular individual tutorials with you. This takes place in order to monitor and offer guidance on progress, study skills, individual study programmes and welfare in class

Who should apply?
  • Working professionals who need to use English in business situations or with English-speaking colleagues
  • Students interested in developing their English skills to further their career in the international business world
  • Executives looking for an intensive programme with flexible start dates and course lengths to fit their busy schedule


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