IELTS Exam Preparation course is designed to prepare you for taking the IELTS exam. The course focuses on the four components of the exam - listening, reading, writing and speaking. The course will expand your grammatical skills, develop your academic/general English language skills and vocabulary, as well as improve your exam technique.
Course aims
  • Enhance your academic English language knowledge
  • Enhance your academic English language knowledge
  • Develop your exam techniques
Course programme
Expert IELTS teachers with extensive knowledge of the exam content and structure will prepare you for taking the IELTS exam in the following areas:
Language development
  • Learn grammar from noun phrases, and passives to the impersonal style
  • Improve speaking through activities including class discussions
  • Study generic/topic-specific vocabulary and integrate topical knowledge into your learning. Topics may include the environment, technology and places.
Academic language & skills development
  • Reading academic texts, articles and reports from books and newspapers
  • Writing reports through summarising and interpreting data and expressing opinions through formulating arguments
  • Listening to academic content such as university lectures and accurately recording information as well as studying social topics
  • Speaking exercises including classroom discussions on relevant topics, expressing opinions and formulating arguments.
Study skills
  • Familiarising you with the IELTS exam structure
  • Focus on developing exam techniques
  • Work under pressure with timed papers
  • Practice past papers and mock exams
  • Self-study to complete homework
Who should apply?
  • Undergraduate or postgraduate students preparing to study at a British university or higher education institute
  • International professionals seeking to work in the UK


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